Is my child normal?

im-worriedIf I had a dollar for every time a mum or dad has asked me this question I would be long retired by now.

What is normal? It’s an age-old question that has crossed the mind of every parent.

We all want our children to be healthy and be the top of everything. It’s just normal to want to make sure that your kid is meeting their milestones.

Let me tell you what goes through my mind when I get asked this question.

  1. Is the child eating, drinking and sleeping, if the answer is yes to this I go onto the next question.
  2. Is the child meeting some gross milestones, say walking by the age of one (I often give 3-4 months lee-way each milestone as every kid is different). If the answer to this is yes I go to the next question.
  3. What is the parent anxious about?

Trying to find out what mum and dad are anxious about is usually the best way to answer this “normal” question.

Some are anxious about sleep, food, teething, walking, talking, behaviour and so on.

The above approach is my approach, whether it is right or wrong that is up for debate but it usually works to settle the anxieties that reside within any parent.

As GP’s we see so many kids that we eventually have a good idea of what normal is. It is not a definition. It is not a one size fits all approach, but we are usually best placed to give that assurance required for a parents peace of mind.

As parents we need to remember that each child is different, each child is unique and no two children are the same. If that was the case, what a boring world it would be.

The advice provided on is of a general nature and in no way should replace your therapeutic relationship with your doctor

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