My teen is very sad…

1686758036-boy-teen-sadAs a parent there is nothing more heart breaking than seeing a mum or dad come in and shed tears about their teen.

Teenage anxiety and depression is on the rise, why that is  the case I am not sure but there are some tell tales signs that things may be on the way down. We find in our practice that the earlier anxiety and depression is picked up the easier it is to implement effective strategies to help.

Some early tell-tale signs are:

  • Your child is sleeping more, finding it difficult to sleep, waking up unrefreshed all the time or complains of ongoing recurrent nightmares.
  • Your teen may begin to lose interest in things they like to do, that could be say playing an instrument they liked to play or even going out with friends.
  • They may begin to feel guilty about things and these guilts begin to haunt them.
  • They complain of ongoing fatigue and tiredness.
  • Their short term memory begins to fade and they find it hard to recall simple things.
  • They may have an increase or decrease in their appetite.
  • Some may even have a stark change in their personality say from being very loud to becoming very reserved.

Of course you’re all now thinking my son/daughter is anxious and depressed. Let me assure you that is not the case, anxiety and depression can be rather hard to diagnose and often takes many sessions for clinicians to assess.

We find the best thing you can do, is to continue talking to your teenager about how they are feeling. It is a difficult time in their lives, hormones are flying, school teachers are on their back and they want to make everyone happy.

If you are indeed concerned, please see your family doctor or contact some hotlines for advice such as the awesome Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800

The advice provided on is of a general nature and in no way should replace your therapeutic relationship with your doctor

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