The Blue Book

my-first-healh-record-cover-220x300Chances are that if you have given birth in a NSW hospital you would have been a given a “Blue Book” by one of the wonderful midwives involved in your delivery.

When you bring in your child for their regular immunisations, as doctors we will often ask to have a look at this blue book. This blue book or “blue bible” as I like to call it includes details about your little one, from their birth weight to their immunisation record. It is a quick snapshot of where you child has been and where they are going.

It is so important that you continue to look in the book, and continually update it with relevant information. Make sure you answer the questions prior to immunisations as this gives your GP guidance as to what to focus on in your consult.

Another important thing to ensure is that your babies weight, height and head circumference are being recorded and plotted on the growth charts. These charts are a fantastic way for your doctor to see if your child is growing appropriately.

I encourage you to grab a drink one night (if that’s even possible with a little one or two) and flick through your blue book so you can become acquainted with it.

The advice provided on is of a general nature and in no way should replace your therapeutic relationship with your doctor

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