What to do if your child chokes!

200I think something that petrifies any parent is seeing their little ones struggling to breathe. Exploring is something all kids do. Putting things in their mouths is a necessity and no matter how hard we try to make things safe as parents, kids will find things floating around that they can swallow that you just wont see.

Unfortunately sometimes they swallow things that get stuck. Choking can happen to anyone at any time and this post aims to give simple first aid techniques that you should commit to memory as a parent, just in case the inevitable happens.


Unless you can see the foreign object, resist the urge to shove your finger down your childs throat – this is likely to make things worse.

Children Under 12 Months

  1. Place the child upside down on your thigh while your standing or sitting.
  2. Give 5 thrusts with your palm just below their shoulder blades
  3. If there is no resolution turn the baby the other way and do 5 upward thrusts into the chest, similar to those you would give a child if you were doing CPR








Children above 12 months

  1. The above methods are valid, however it may be easier to stand your little on a chair  on get down on your knees and perform the Heimlich manoeuvre.
  2. This manoeuvre is simple. Stand behind the child while he is standing on a chair or your on your knees and place your hand or fist under the breastbone and thrust upwards.
  3. If this man3oeuvre does not work, lay the child on their stomach and do upwards CPR compressions.

If none of these things work, call 000 immediately.  In fact its best to call earlier than later especially if you don’t know what to do, as the operators can guide you through the above procedures.

If your child stops breathing, please commence CPR immediately

We encourage you to discuss these things with your family and anyone who looks after your child. This simple discussion may save the day one day!

The advice provided on healthykid.com.au is of a general nature and in no way should replace your therapeutic relationship with your doctor



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