My baby is so clingy….

Mother in living room with baby“Out of no where, the child that never cried in the arms of family and friends now unleashes a wave of yelling and screaming when you pass them on. It is frustrating and tiring to say the least.”

What just happened? You may ask yourself!

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All things teeth…

155009909_wideOne of the most frequent things we get asked about as family doctors is children and their teeth, so we thought it best to do a question and answer post, answering the common questions we get asked.

Question: What age should my baby get teeth?

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Is my child normal?

im-worriedIf I had a dollar for every time a mum or dad has asked me this question I would be long retired by now.

What is normal? It’s an age-old question that has crossed the mind of every parent.

We all want our children to be healthy and be the top of everything. It’s just normal to want to make sure that your kid is meeting their milestones.

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