Roseola Infantum

roseola-virus-rashOne of the most common conditions we see in general practice is Roseola Infantum or 6th disease. It’s a mild illness characterised by high fevers that subside leaving a nice blotchy red rash all over your baby’s body.

It’s caused by a virus in the herpes family Continue reading “Roseola Infantum”

Head Lice

head-liceHead lice, at the sound of it we all shiver. Contrary to popular belief head lice has nothing to do with poor hygiene, it’s just a fact of life and can happen to anyone at any age.

Nits are tiny eggs that the lice lay, they look similar to specs of dandruff. However unlike dandruff Continue reading “Head Lice”


stk65402corBurns have got to be one of the most challenging things we see in our practice. Sadly and often burns seem to happen when the doctor’s surgery has closed. So we thought it best to write a few words on simple management that can be done at home.

Here are some tips we give to our patients for simple superficial burns! Continue reading “Burns”

All things teeth…

155009909_wideOne of the most frequent things we get asked about as family doctors is children and their teeth, so we thought it best to do a question and answer post, answering the common questions we get asked.

Question: What age should my baby get teeth?

Answer: The average age we would except a new born to get teeth is Continue reading “All things teeth…”

Slapped Cheek

indexSlapped Cheek… Is there ever possibly a worse name for a condition? Probably not but thank goodness the condition is much more benign than it sounds.

Slapped cheek also known as Fifth syndrome is caused by Parvovirus B19 (and no your kid is not a dog or cat- Continue reading “Slapped Cheek”

My teen is very sad…

1686758036-boy-teen-sadAs a parent there is nothing more heart breaking than seeing a mum or dad come in and shed tears about their teen.

Teenage anxiety and depression is on the rise, why that is  the case I am not sure but there are some tell tales signs that things may be on the way down. We find in our practice that the earlier anxiety and depression Continue reading “My teen is very sad…”

Sleep: Is my child getting enough??

x_tdy_parental_sleep_150415-today-inline-vid-featured-desktopAs parents, we always hope our children will be in the best possible state to learn, play and grow. We all know that healthy eating is important, exercise is important, as well as having a good learning environment and supportive social environment. In addition Continue reading “Sleep: Is my child getting enough??”